Welcome to the Trusted Extension Developer Program

Qlik is working with trusted and active partners to accelerate the adoption of quality, commercially available visual extensions within Qlik Sense deployments. Each partner that becomes a member of the program will have their extension portfolio reviewed and accredited by a dedicated team within Qlik. Each extension that is awarded an accreditation badge is one that has been rigorously tested for quality, completeness and security. Knowing that an extension is accredited gives you, our customer, the freedom to deploy these extensions at scale.

Customers obtain the accredited extensions and support for such extensions directly from the partners. Each partner with an accredited extension is required to provide troubleshooting, upgrades and fixes to their accredited extensions.

Look for trusted extensions from the following partners:

  • Climber AB
  • HighCoordination GmbH
  • INFORM GmbH Aachen
  • Qore Solutions Pty Ltd
  • RBC IT International Group Ltd
  • RoxAI
  • Vizlib
TED Accreditation Badge

This badge is your key to identifying extensions that have been accredited as part of the Trusted Extension Developer Program.

Only extensions that are part of the program will display the badge on their product listing, making them easy to identify.